One Year On

by Patrick Cox on October 06, 2021

Hello Dialize Army, 

I hope you are all safe and well in these challenging times. I want to take the opportunity to take you through our year at Dialize Clothing. I still pinch myself a little at how fast our little company is growing and I love speaking to each and every one of you, hearing your stories of strength and resilience gives me both hope and the drive to push Dialize further.

We have had an incredible year featuring on so many amazing media platforms from features on the Irish Independent to Jennifer Zamparelli at RTE2 FM  and Dermot and Dave at Today FM to The Late Late Show which was an experience both myself and Rachel will never forget and for it to happen in the middle of a global pandemic is mind blowing!! The 15k bursary we won on The Late Late Show has enabled us to expand our product line into children's clothing, new designs and increase our stock levels and we are so so grateful, without these incredible platforms we wouldn't have been able to do it, we have so many ideas and products on the way, We honestly cant thank all those along the way enough for helping to get our brand out there and into the hands of patients across the nation, The UK and even America.

I never thought when starting Dialize that I would get to meet so many inspirational people, having phenomenal women like Vicky Phelan and Lynsdey Bennett wear my clothing is truly an honour and I thank them both for being so kind to take their precious and valuable time to speak to me. A special thanks to the Irish Kidney Association and Aoibheann's Pink Tie for supporting us and trialing our products.

Arterior has been my passion project and I cant wait for you all to see our next product "Veinifer", which will be launching in the coming weeks. When designing Veinifer I thought about all the requests from you guys on what you would like to see next, So many of you wanted a full zip and access to pegg lines so that's exactly what we've done. Our newest addition to Dialize clothing is a full Zip hoodie with extra zips at the stomach area, It will still feature our signature arm/chest zips and hidden pockets. I absolutely love the colour palette of this range and I think you guys will love it too. We are so proud of this new addition and thank you all for your continued support and encouragement.

The best part of my journey so far is getting to know each and every patient who contacts us, I love the little community we are creating and I look forward to hopefully meeting you all in the near future.





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